The 2016 Updated DVD
"Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries"
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Gold-Mountain is pleased to announce the release of our 2016 updated documentary DVD video of Singer Castle, the popular tourist attraction located in the lovely Thousand Islands region on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

First released in 2002, Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries is an hour-long movie with an insider's view of the history and the mystery surrounding the Castle located on Dark Island.  You will tour this magnificent 100 year old castle modeled after Sir Walter Scott's Woodstock, wander through its secret passageways, peek into its dungeons, and explore its lovely grounds. You will hear the fascinating history starting with its original owner, Frederick Bourne right through its recent sale making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Thousand Islands area. You will discover it's exciting Hollywood movie connection.  The castle was updated again in 2006 to include an all new tour revealing the marvelous renovations by the new owners, underwater diving scenes of the sunken ship, the S.S. Keystorm, near Dark Island, and historical movies and photos of Frederick Bourne's many boats and ships, along with movies of Frederick Bourne, himself. These vintage movies and pictures were taken by Frederic Bourne and his family circa 1916.

ALL NEW in the 2016 update:


Special letter from Professor Paul Malo (Syracuse University Professor Emeritus): 

"Just finished an enjoyable visit to Dark Island--virtually, of course.  
Your updated edition of the the DVD really surpasses the first, which
was fine indeed. The additional historical material, particularly the
film footage still retained by the family, showing the Commodore and
others on the island, really enriches our appreciation of this
irreplacable landmark." --Paul Malo, 12/17/06

Prof. Malo is the renowned author of  three recent blockbuster books: Boldt Castle - In Search of the Lost Story; Fools' Paradise; and Floating World: More People, Places, and Pastimes Of The Thousand Islands. All are major bestsellers.


You will have to see it to believe it.

Concept originator, Producer & technical engineer: Robert J. Mondore;  Executive Assistant: Patricia A. Mondore. 

© 2006-20016

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